Our business is helping your business.  Running a small business takes up most of your time and energy, and our goal is to give you back some of that precious time.  We design and manage websites using WordPress.  Why WordPress instead of other programs?  Well…..

It’s versatile.   WordPress utilizes Content Management Software (CMS).  CMS allows you to create, publish, and manage a website without knowing technical coding languages.  And you can create any look you want because there are thousands of templates available that are customizable. And 59% of CMS sites run on WordPress.

It’s open-source.  That means the software is available to anyone to build tools, themes, plug-ins, and a whole lot of options.  The software is free; however, you will have to pay for hosting and any premium templates. The software is very user-friendly – you can build your own site—but if you are like many small business owners, you don’t have time.  That’s where we can help.

It’s # 1. 32% of the web uses WordPress from hobby blogs to the biggest news sources according to their website.  Walt Disney, Bloomberg Professional, Microsoft News, and the New York Post are just a few of the larger organizations.  There are also millions of small businesses and bloggers who take advantage of the versatility of the software.  And 59% of CMS sites run WordPress

It’s marketing friendly.  WordPress sites are responsive — you can view them on any device,and SEO friendly — you can be found by potential customers, and great for media – because everyone wants to watch videos!

When you’re thinking about a new website or updating your present website, consider how the site will work with your digital marketing program.  If you want to see how your business can benefit from a WordPress site, give us a try.

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