Adding photos, clipart, using seasonal fonts, or just touches of color are easy ways to liven up your website for a season or holiday.  It’s fun and visitors know you maintain your website.  A website that hasn’t been updated since the early 2010 will not tempt visitors to return a second time.

Here are some easy ways to spruce up your site:

  1. Fonts are an easy way to add whimsy and excitement to your site.  You can add holiday cheer without going overboard.  There are thousands of fonts available, and many are free!  Try different fonts to change the mood of your site.
  2. Another way to change the mood is through color. You can use warm fall colors, cool winter colors, or red and green colors for Christmas.  Change buttons and links to get your visitors in the holiday spirit.  Make sure the colors aren’t conflicting with your business message.
  3. Add a new decoration or message to your banner. Colors and graphics can work well in the banner.  Add Christmas tree lights or similar graphics, or even a snowflake on your logo.  If your message is diversity, you can focus on winter instead of a single holiday.
  4. Add a snowflake plugin to your site. There are many available and can be enabled on just the homepage or specific pages.  Falling snow is very effective at getting people in the holiday mood.
  5. Use seasonal or holiday photos in your blogs and about pages. Your blog may not have be on  a seasonal topic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a picture of a snowman to the header.  Have fun decorating your site and your visitors will share your spirit!


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